Encouragement and Stories

Meet Patricia.

Patricia is a Mom of five and a Grandma to ten - but is known to be a Grandma to many! Filled with encouraging stories to motivate, inspire, and help the downtrodden, "Grandma Pat" loves to sing, bake, cook, meal plan, grow fruits and vegetables, sew, crochet, help people with paperwork and taxes, and she is usually studying some sort of interesting topic or history.

Hosting dinner parties, setting a place at the table for dear friends and family, and enjoying her morning cup of coffee looking out at her yard, are some of her favorite things to do. Being a secretary for 30 years, she loves luncheons, and a good cup of coffee with some work to do on her laptop.

Join her Zoom calls and "take a listen" to her encouragement and stories. We are sure you will have a smile while she tells her tales, weaving in encouragement and her zest for life.

The Zoom call is recorded and is saved for future generations. It's like a time capsule and a new way of enjoying the Family Tree. Grandma's Encouragement and Stories is part of the Earth Adventures For Kids Grandma Brands that grew out of the book, How To Create a Treasure Legacy Collection: The Ultimate Guide to Living Your Best Life Now.

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Do you know an older person who would love their own lifestyle brand?

"Grandma Brands" is a division of Earth Adventures For Kids LLC. We help tell stories that connect the older generation to others with their stories, gifts, and talents, creating their own "personal brand" that brings life to the Family Tree and preserves their essence, zest, mojo, and spirit in an easy-to-access, fun, enjoyable format for all, now, and generations to come.

Our series of 7 books explains how and why we do this. Read our books and be in the know. Earth Adventures For Kids is for everyone ages 0 to 100 and beyond - because everyone is a kid at heart.

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